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National partnership, set to deliver 5D-Digital Twin curriculum

"The evolution of the Quantity Surveyor, has always been discussed and the reality was never going to be straightforward. However, the fact still remains that our traditional role 'as the custodian of time, cost and quality' is at risk of becoming distinctly different during the next decade [June 2021].

We are now part of a 'knowledge-based economy', where access to data has become so much more accessible, projects become so much more complex and Clients have become so much more demanding, and intelligent.

As a profession, (and by 2030) we should have evolved to a point where we can flex and remain agile enough to accommodate their growing intelligence and well placed demands. As the Cost Manager of the construction process, and a key enabler of the Golden Thread of Information Management; if we fail to evolve or procrastinate anymore, it could be at the expense of our very own salvation"

The journey was long and enduring, but getting to our destination, depsite the 'torrential rain' proved to be an absolute blessing .........

Accompanied by NessaA our Head of Engagement & Outreach at the DTSA, meeting our new partner, Andy Adams, Founder & Managing Director of T3 Training and Development _ at his ever expanding premises in Barnsley - for the first time in-person - was a real pleasure. We wasted no time and got straight down to business .....

Announced officially in November 2019, alongside my fellow industry veteran, Alan Muse FRICS [previously of RICS] - the #PQS2030 initative was 'officially' established and launched as an audacious attempt to disrupt the 'trditional' role of the 'Private Practive' Quantity Surveyor [aka PQS] and propose a new business model.

The 'regulated' professional disicpline of the PQS, has been administered, largely in the same way, since its origins in 1868 [now approaching 156years old]. In 2024, this globally renowned, professional service offering is at an intersection between digital transformation, data analytics and 'traditional' cost and value management. As the practicing PQS seeks to create even more value from a growing number of data-sets, it is worth noting that the inevitable impact & rate of change, has been expedited by the looming presence of AI (artificial intelligence); the latter of which shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

The real and awkward question for the PQS is "can the profession and current regulatory practice truly keep up(?), and what happens (to the role of the PQS/QS) if nothing changes, anytime soon?" _ Dr Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS [May 2024]

Credit: RICS

The intrinsic relationship between education / academia and professional practice has never been more important and it is only through such meaningful, open and honest relationship(s), that the best of both worlds can truly be realised; not only to equip the next generation, but also to upskill existing stakeholders, clients and industry Supply Chains.

Credit: Digital Twin Hub / Connected Places Catapult

My profesional body the RICS, have co-curated, in partnership with technology and software provider Glodon, and produced an infogram that paints 'a picture of opportunity' along with much needed change for the traditional (PQS) and Quantity Surveyor.....

Credit: RICS

"The role of the QS is changing, and all things being equal, the well documented (and in many ways) misplaced fear needs to be addressed head-on. As a profession we can no longer tip-toe around the obvious, difficult and somewhat, emotional conversation about our future!..."

"The time has come for us all to focus on the increasingly obvious value proposition amidst the wider opportunity to better predict and manage not only 'out-turn' construction cost, but more meanginful 'whole-life-cycle' cost -including the carbon intensity of the construction phase itself, and the post-completion 'operational phase' over the assets economic lifespan. We must also seek to ascertain the potential 'circularity of our effort', and demonstrate the 'green-value' of our collective design, even before we 'physically' build out the project.

To deliver the above to upcoming #nextgen talent, clients and seasoned practitioners, we have come together with the amazing team at T3 Training and Development, to deliver a specialist sector leading offer." _ Dr Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS [23.05.24]

Credit: DTSA & T3

Credit: RICS

Credit: RICS

Digital twins are expected to develop as a 'mission critical' business tool in all phaes of the built asset lifecylce and become a constituent part of a growing sector, set to reach almost $156billion by 2030 _ according to estimates by Research & Markets.

The multi-faceted impact of such scaleable yet inclusive, digitally enabled workflow-based asset solutions, will undoubtedly expand towards, and permanently impact the quantity surveying profession.

Credit: DTSA & T3

With the looming emergency of climate change and the 2030 / 2050 'net-zero' challenges, it has never been more important (and relevant) - to us, as the custodians of cost and value - to 'decarbonise' our project delivery process. 'Building back better' a term coined in both the UK and USA, should also mean that we 'advise and lead' in an increasingly environmentally and cost conscious way, leading to value-based outomes, that can be shared, standardised, scaled and adopted, across the world.

We must also place, our people and citizens, at the centre of all that we aspire to achieve, using the limited resources at our disposal, sparingly and with diminishing levels of waste.

Credit: DTSA & T3

Statement by Andy Adams _ on our unique partnership:

“T3 Training & Development & I am thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Digital Twin Skills Academy (DTSA)! Together, we’re launching innovative Digital Construction Apprenticeships that will focus on 5D-BIM and essential digital skills. This initiative is set to transform the construction landscape in London and beyond.

I’m particularly excited about this collaboration because Dr. Bola Abisogun OBE, Founder & Chief Excitement Officer of the DTSA, and I, share a similar vision when it comes to training and the future of digital in construction. We both believe that embracing advanced digital tools and techniques is crucial for the industry's evolution. Our combined efforts aim to equip the next generation of professionals with the cutting-edge skills needed to excel in a rapidly changing environment.

By merging our expertise and passion, we’re not just building structures — we’re shaping the future of the construction industry.” _ Andy Adams, Managing Director, T3 Training & Development

With a common and core ambition to actively deliver #SocialValue by demonstrating #EDI 'equity, diversity and inclusion' across the sector, which remains at the core of what we do _ all that remains is to say, watch this space!

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