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Kurt Hintz, appointed to develop DTSA ‘global’ growth strategy

The business world is founded in personal working relationships and at the DTSA our modus-operandi is no different. In fact, we believe that relationships are everything, and we aim to foster and demonstrate this to all of our Young People and industry learners. As a (CIC) ‘Community Interest Company’ we are engrossed in our community engagement and wider outreach work; constantly challenging ourselves, as to how we both create and sustain ‘social impact’ and enhance ‘socio-economic’ opportunity. Establishing, affordable, accessible and easy-to-manage pathways to learning, is just one way that we are seeking to do this; using a suite of microcredential qualifications.    


Credit: CoNEL / CCCG



However, it is through the lens of social impact, that our Founder & CEO, Dr Bola Abisogun OBE met with Kurt Hintz back in 2019, when he was invited to ‘give back’ to his old learning establishment, the College of North East London ‘CoNEL’_ previously known as Tottenham Technical College during the 1980’s.

Dr Abisogun attended ‘CoNEL’ during 1990/91, and successfully completed an OND in Construction, graduating with a Distinction, prior to being offered a place at the University of Wolverhampton, where he went onto study Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management.

Dr Abisogun, also went onto graduate from Wolverhampton (in 1994) with a Double-First Class with Honours, achieving Best Student (Year, 3) and winning a prize sponsored by the London based QS firm, Franklin & Andrews.


Credit: CCCG



As the Founder & Chairman of DiverseCity Surveyors an Honorary Affiliate Member of the Construction Industry Council Dr Abisogun, also took the opportunity in mid-2018, to participate and offer technical backing and industry support to the Mayor’s Construction Academy procurement process which began in 2018. His notable and well documented efforts, in particular for a more diverse and representative industry, were well received and embraced by Kurt and his team, which led to the development of a strategic partnership, to deliver ‘an introduction to digital construction’ with a focus on BIM and Digital Twins. Led by fellow Board Member and fellow UCEM alumni Karen Ching MRICS, DiverseCity Surveyors continue to deliver an annual UCEM mentoring programme and provide peer-to-peer networking opportunities whilst promoting excellence and thought-leadership across the global non-traditional talent pool.  

Credit: CCCG 

But, who is Kurt Hintz?

With an engineering background, his self-explanatory LinkedIn profile is quite modest, but for the last almost four (4) years, of his total fifteen (15+) year tenure, Kurt most recently, held the position of Executive Principal at Capital City Colleges Group (CCCG). Notwithstanding, and at the time of a meeting held with Dr Abisogun, back in February 2019, he was the Principal of CoNEL and very keen to hear more about the opportunity to bring 5D-BIM (Building Information to Modelling) to the college and equip local residents, drawn from across the LB Haringey.




Kurt is a well-documented ‘industry collaborator’ and has participated in a number of pan-London opportunities with other learning institutions across the FE Sector. As an example, he supported a joint bid with Waltham Forest College, targeting a Further Education Professional Development Grant (FEPDG) pilot, which had been designed to support wider commitments made, and reflected, in the Skills for Jobs White Paper


Credit: CCCG 



“The (FEPDG) bid opportunity was designed to strengthen [capacity build] the professional development of teachers working in the sector, to boost teaching practices, so that young people and adults receive top class education and training.” These values are completely aligned to those of the DTSA, and we are excited about Kurt, and his team, supporting our own growing team of consultants & strategists.



Credit: CCCG 


Since leaving the CCCG earlier this year, Kurt has set up as an Independent Consultant, trading under the name of Fortis Education Consulting Limited. Asked what he thought about supporting the DTSA, now in its second year of operation, he had this to say:

As an advocate for skills, I’m extremely supportive of skills development, especially in the area of digital skills, which are in high demand. Supporting the Digital Twin Skills Academy means investing in the future of our workforce. This academy, led by Dr. Bola Abisogun OBE, equips industry with cutting-edge skills in digital twin technology, crucial for sectors ranging from engineering and construction to healthcare. By fostering innovation and bridging the skills gap, we empower individuals to excel in high-demand fields, driving economic growth and technological advancement. I’m very excited to be able to support the DTSA.” Kurt Hintz, Managing Director Fortis Education Consulting


Credit: CCCG 

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