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#EdTech provider launches with new Board Members

At the Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC, aka the ‘DTSA’, we believe that sustainable, social value creation should, as a corporate and moral obligation, become a natural and measurable outcome for every construction project. And, as a sector and major contributor to overall GDP [currently 7%] the presence of our current intersection between ‘traditional processes’ and ‘disruptive technology’ has convened both a perfect storm and an opportune moment for the UK [and wider, global] construction sector.  The time has come to rethink our future trajectory, placing people, productivity, and enhanced profitability, front and centre of all strategic and operational dialogue. As a ‘system of systems’ we have reached the point where Supply Chain partners need to better determine and deliver, people-centric solutions that enhance productivity, drive cost-efficiencies and enable the development of unique, but scalable, data-driven products and services. The collective ambitions must align to the consistent delivery of bespoke client facing, value-based outcomes for society. A champion for positive impact, which has been defined as: “to actively promote or improve equality of opportunity, for all”; this is the core pillar of why the DTSA was incorporated as a ‘CIC’ - a Community Interest Company, in April 2023, ahead of the Building Safety Act implementation of October 2023.




Our ‘social-purpose’ is akin to those of the Centre for Digital Built Britain’s - Gemini Principles, and founded in the emerging use case of ‘digital asset management’ amidst the legal requirement under the Act, which is to create and maintain a ‘Golden Thread of Information Management’, in a post-Building-Safety Act environ.  That the ‘golden-thread of information management’ is now a contract deliverable [in the UK], simultaneously presents the challenge and wider adoption of digital transformation, itself becoming a defining success factor on a project’s deliverability and buildability. Notwithstanding, the biggest blocker to our industry’s progress (at least in the UK), is a ‘systemic and cultural’ one, and with the Grenfell tragedy in mind, this is the challenge that the DTSA has decided to take on, at an operational level and unapologetically, aim to disrupt existing delivery models.



However, the sectors current and biggest risk, is the departure of actors, due to an ageing workforce recognising the simultaneous challenge of attracting a proportionately diverse ‘tech-native’ generation of new talent.  The ever-increasing complexity of construction projects being commissioned by clients, who are often operating within a ‘global’ footprint, has also presented the DTSA with a challenge that fully resonates with our DNA. As we commit to our various Net Zero and Decarbonisation goals, we have identified with yet another valid reason to focus on the future skillset(s) required by industry professionals, across the world, who are committed to reducing waste and improving productivity.



Additionally, as the climate agenda begins to feature in all Boardroom conversations, it is time to curate and adopt, client facing supply chain ‘retrofit-first’ solution(s), capable of empowering all stakeholders and intrinsically provides real-time visibility of nett-carbon ‘toxicity’. In many ways [as is the case with our founders role on the City of London Taskforce] such an approach will also become a key and critical component of financial considerations deployed by stakeholders and funders, in terms of early-stage project viability, available funding options and open market [end-use] valuations. The increasing role of AI commands that we must also attempt to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant to the clients changing need(s).



Our founder and CEO is an eminent Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Chartered Construction Manager, with a deep and well documented passion for #ConTech; the fusing of ‘traditional’ construction processes and emerging technology. In a post-pandemic world, which has become more interconnected, and knowledge driven, there exists an increasing need for accessible, high quality, educational resources that cater to diverse learning styles and requirements. As an #EdTech company, the DTSA is well placed to support the timely delivery of the requisite resources to empower and educate both the current and next generations, using innovative platforms and bespoke data-driven solutions. Once normalised, clients and project commissioners will begin to recognise the ‘enhanced’ productivity levels, which in turn will inspire and permit a more tangible [and measurable] collaborative effort towards greater transparency, accountability and ultimately profitability for the sectors key stakeholder; it’s people.



Supported by Prof Anil Sawhney at RICS, and as the author of the Foreword, Dr Abisogun believes now is time to deploy a rather prominent digital asset articulating the ‘future’ role of digital twins and the delivery of construction projects, regardless of size and/or value; we refer to the RICS Research Paper: Digital Twins - from-design-to-handover-of-constructed-assets [March 2022]. To that end, and through the breadth and depth of Dr Abisogun’s own ‘well established’ social capital, we are excited to announce our recently appointed Independent Strategic Advisors and Board Members, drawn from across the sector; effective 01.12.23



Independent Strategic Advisors



Alexandra Bolton has over thirty years of experience spanning engineering, the City, climate governance, and the built and natural environments. She was the founding Executive Director of the Centre for Digital Built Britain, which included the UK’s BIM and Global Infrastructure Prosperity programmes, where she ran and grew CDBB from its inception to the completion of its mission. She was the Deputy Head of the National Digital Twin programme, an ambitious UK programme to enable an ecosystem of connected digital twins across the built environment, and the founding home of the UK's Digital Twin Hub. 


Working across industry, policy, and academia and at the forefront of the digital transformation of the built environment, she is an international expert in the purpose-driven infrastructure strategy and policy required to create better outcomes. She has authored/co-authored ground-breaking publications in the area of digital twins and responsible built environments; their recommendations and tools have been adopted by governments and industry alike.


Alexandra operates globally, supporting industry and governments, particularly in connected digital twins of the built environment. She continues to serve on advisory groups and boards, bringing strategic insight, constructive challenge, and a collaborative approach. 


A keen champion of systems thinking, Alexandra believes that we can only solve the pressing issues of our time if we take a systems-based, holistic, socio-technical view. She is particularly interested in how the finance community and connected digital twins can together enable better outcomes for people and the planet.




A fully qualified and experiences Engagement specialist, Coach and Consultant with over two decades of demonstrable ‘front-line’ history, working in various roles within Operational Delivery (at DWP)NessaA is a dedicated and compassionate Life Coach, fluent in the empowerment of individuals to achieve personal and professional growth, by helping clients discover their potential, set and reach goals and navigate life's challenges with resilience and confidence. Whilst working at the Jobcentre I was the lead, for 18-24yr olds due to my extensive experience (over two decades) as well as expertise in engagement and career outcomes and Job retention.Fluent in both Amharic and English, she has has extensive experience in working with young people as well as adults helping them identify their full potential and truly understand what is required to achieve it. She has has secured employment for ex-offenders, ex-gang members, Care Leavers, those with complex health conditions as well as Coaching and mentoring professionals from all specialist fields, including Directors, CEOs and Heads of Services.A confident curator of ‘bespoke’ person-centric, improvement plans, NessaA has delivered training, workshops and bespoke pre-employment, recruitment and empowerment packages, such as CV, covering letters, interview techniques, Soft Skills as well as hard skills and emotional intelligence. Having worked as a paralegal for immigration coupled with criminal law, NessaA has extensive experience of report writing, drafting legal documents, court representation, compiling statements and client as well as Legal compliance and Auditing. NessaA maintains an immeasurable passion/purpose in assisting underprivileged/disadvantaged, disenfranchised individuals as a result of various situations and circumstances such as social-economical background, ethnicity, and those from fractured homes to overcome barriers to achieve careers rather than just “Jobs” as well as economically stable.




As the CEO and founder of, Paul has been developing multiple technologies focused on the delivery of the most accurate real-time data insights into occupancy for the CRE sector. 


With a decade of research and development into this specific field, multiple meshed technologies enable buildings to have not only real-time data but through their AI techniques predictive data on buildings occupancy, the key factor in minimising energy wastage.  He has developed the leading real-time evacuation insights for buildings, enabling management and fire services to have a full understanding of how evacuations are running and highlighting all issues occurring. Again, through AI techniques the time it will take to evacuate a building is delivered instantly and monitored to enable the correct decisions to be made by fire services in critical scenarios. 


Along with over 2 decades in building AI companies internationally, Paul has successfully grown technology businesses in 18 countries.  The core focus and of is to deliver, safer, more secure buildings that have the data and systems to hit sustainability goals.  He believes that only through collaborations can the huge changes needed in the CRE sector happen.  Movement intelligence around the occupancy within a Digital Twin will bring this sector alive and will ensure the clear data delivered is actionable and impactful. He is also the co-Chair of the Climate Action Group for the City of London and has pushed forward policies based on accelerating decarbonisation of buildings.




Iain Miskimmin has been involved in infrastructure and digital delivery for almost 25 years. Author of 2 books on BIM and Digital Twins, as well as the creator of many of the methods around information requirements for assets, systems, projects, and security classifications.


As the leader of the Crossrail Information Management Academy and the Digital Advancement Academies he shared his digital experience and knowledge with over 10 thousand people from over 42 different countries. He is now part of the National Digital Twin Programme, taking a leading role in the resilience demonstrator for the Isle of Wight and writing the education programme to deliver Information Management into Schools.


Iain is also a Captain in the Royal Engineers army reserves where he focuses on Innovations, critical national infrastructure and HADR.


There is always time to brew up and enjoy a moment with the #BIMbrew crew to breathe.




Strategic Board Members

Inaugural Chair and Strategic Board Member of Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC

IJ Samuel is an accomplished Director at Turner & Townsend, with a distinguished track record in advising clients on the controls and performance of multi-billion-pound projects, programmes, and portfolios across diverse sectors.In her current role for the world leading airport at Heathrow, IJ leads a diverse, multidisciplinary team of Planners, Project Controllers, Risk Managers, Estimators, Change Leads and Reporting specialists for the Security Programme, as well as advising the overall capital PMO team. She has established new controls processes and assurance frameworks for the £1bn Security Compliance programme which aims to upgrade passenger and colleague security screening to meet the Department for Transport's security mandate, revolutionising the legacy of travel experience at Heathrow for both local and international communities.As a strategic leader known for innovation and a deep commitment to diversity, IJ’s advocacy for diversity of leadership teams complements the DTSA's forward-thinking approach, viewing diversity of thoughts in leadership as crucial for digital innovation, inclusive decision-making, and sustained cultural change. Her proactive stance as an 'Inclusion Disruptor' aligns seamlessly with the DTSA's commitment to empowering leaders to adopt inclusive, data-driven strategies as a catalyst for operational excellence.IJ brings a wealth of experience, not only in steering major projects but also in empowering teams with the skills needed for the future. Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC is set to benefit from her visionary leadership and commitment to a future where emerging tech skills and diversity converge to shape a dynamic and inclusive landscape within the construction and infrastructure sectors.


Strategic Board Member of Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC

Since leaving behind a career as a scuba diving instructor in Thailand, Matt started in the construction industry in the Architectural profession in 2006.  With a need to re-educate himself, Matt pursued his new career in tandem with part-time learning, leading to an HNC in Construction and BSc Hons in Architecture.  Having taken a keen interest in BIM in 2009 and its holistic nature in construction and operations, Matt made the move to a tier 1 contractor, focusing on BIM during project delivery and led to gaining a further qualification: MSc Building Information Modelling Management at Middlesex University. It was during Matt’s time in contracting where it became apparent that there was a greater need for support in client organisations, construction supply chains and into facility management.  With the 2016 BIM mandate fast approaching, Matt saw the opportunity to help the industry on his own terms and subsequently founded AIMIS.


Since 2016, AIMIS has supported many organisations with Information Management including the development of information requirements for public and private sector clients, Information Management during delivery for developers and contractors, and assisted numerous organisations with knowledge development around the ongoing evolution of industry standards helping to gain BS EN ISO 19650 accreditation as a BSi Associate Consultant.


Matt continues to push the need for change through Constructing Excellence Kent as a committee member and co-chair of nima (Kent) and now joins the board of DTSA to help deliver the necessary skills for a safer, more reliable, and efficient built environment.


Strategic Board Member of Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC

Marc is the Managing Director of South East Consortium (SEC), a central purchasing body supporting the housing sector.  The organisation's purpose is all about implementing asset strategy in a customer friendly way. He leads this technical business, which is focused on public procurement, information management, carbon reduction and building safety.  He manages relationships across a broad group of stakeholders that support the housing sector.


Marc drives success for small to medium enterprises. He's passionate about business and has a record of transforming average performance into excellent results.  He has led SEC through a growth strategy that’s seen an increase in customer transactions and satisfaction.  He engages and drives teams to deliver a first-class experience for internal and external customers whilst believing customers get the best possible service when they deal with staff who genuinely love their jobs. 


Before SEC, Marc’s career was in housing operations.  He loves making the customer journey seamless and has won national and international awards [for organisational complaint handling] and been involved in submissions for recognised accreditations.


Marc is a Chartered Member of the CIH and has recently completed an Executive MBA at Cranfield University – it supports his entrepreneurial style and ability to grow a small business into something special.  He is experienced in good governance and understands how to run a successful business, with the checks and assurances required. He is completely focused on mission and values whilst being aware of the challenging environment around him.


Strategic Board Member of Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC

‘As a seasoned professional with a background in mechanical engineering, I bring over a decade of invaluable experience from my tenure at AtkinsRéalis, where I have honed my expertise through diverse design engineering projects spanning across multiple sectors. My journey led me to a pivotal role within the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB), where I was seconded to contribute my skills to specific workstreams and played a key role in shaping the Apollo Protocol.


Currently, I proudly serve as co-lead of a dedicated research and innovation team leveraging my wealth of knowledge in the built environment as well as technology. Our primary focus is to anticipate future challenges and opportunities within the built environment. In this capacity, my specific remit revolves around the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology and data solutions. I am passionate about driving progress and ensuring that we are well-equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow.


A central aspect of my role is overseeing the upskilling initiatives vital for the industry's readiness to embrace emerging challenges. Through strategic planning and collaborative efforts, I am committed to fostering a forward-thinking environment that not only adapts to the evolving landscape but actively shapes it. My journey reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation, and I am eager to contribute my skills and insights to the transformation our industry is going through’


Strategic Board Member of Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC

Alex has worked in the Built Environment for the last twenty years in a variety of roles across the lifecycle of assets. Today he is Global Construction Practice Director for BSI heading up testing and certification assurance activities for the organisation globally.


Alex has held a variety of board roles related to innovative practices in Construction and Infrastructure including the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund for Clean Growth, Government Construction Board, Digital Built Britain, and National Federation of Roofing Contracts Competent Persons. Alex spent nearly four years in the cabinet office as Head of Digital Construction, Manufacturing and Technology and worked on strategy delivery and policy creation for BIM, Digital Twins, Modern Methods of Construction including work towards the Government Construction strategy and Transforming Infrastructure Performance.


Alex is delighted to support the DTSA to help capitalise on the continued UK thought leadership in the digital built environment and its ever-increasing relationship to the sustainability of construction and infrastructure activities.


Strategic Board Member of Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC

Imanuel has a proven track record of delivering built environment projects across a wide variety of industry sectors. Having roots in Architectural and Interior design, his enterprising, focused, and receptive nature has enabled him to learn and apply Design, Project and Programme management processes throughout his career.


Imanuel primarily worked as a client-side consultant Project Manager and Design Manager and has enhanced specific knowledge in CDM2015.  He has extensive construction and site experience having managed numerous design and construction management commissions. Most recently, Imanuel has focused on disruptive technology and has a keen interest in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Currently, Imanuel is fulfilling his career ambitions leading Prin-D and improving the pre-construction, design management aspect of client-side consultancy - more effort at inception to achieve efficiencies through the journey and cost savings at the end.  Prin-D is Imanuel’s vision to disrupt and transform regulatory compliance in the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry using Digital Technology. Prin-D has focused on the Principal Designer role and has supported numerous Designers, clients, and Principal designers to deliver their CDM duties through both consultancy and technology.


Imanuel is a great communicator and has previously held NED and Trustee roles.  He is an enthusiastic ambassador and mentor, who promotes community development, team playing and social inclusion. 


Strategic Board Member of Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC

Rick joined the IET as Sector Head for the Built Environment in 2015 and has worked with Cambridge Architectural Research in 2014/5 where he led the submission of three Horizon 2020. Prior to this he worked as Project Manager for Designtech Solutions AB and was responsible for their delivery within European Commission funded project called CILECCTA, whose main goal was to develop Life Cycle Cost plus Analysis software for the development and operational management in the construction sector that would provide the user with a single view of financial and environmental factors. In addition, he has coordinated two other Framework Programme R&D projects, written several proposals, and worked in a half a dozen others, usually in the exploitation and dissemination area. Other project experience includes several charitable projects - a preschool, Street Pastors, one for kids in crisis, computers for children in care and the building of a school in Madagascar. In addition, Rick has amassed over 20 years in the banking sector. Experienced gained in credit and risk management; business development / sales in the personal, SME, corporate and financial institution sectors. I have over 10 years’ experience in church leadership.Rick loves IT developments and can be something of a geek at times. He said of himself, “I think 'On Demand' is a most amazing invention – I can watch a good film and sense the smell of popcorn! Family is most important to me and is probably the way I enjoy spending most of my time. This leaves little time for playing golf and I enjoy watching cricket rugby F1 and snooker when I can!”




Peter Rimmer, Director TUSK Consulting

Independent HR Advisor /  Strategic Advisor

For over 20 years Peter has helped organisations achieve change through supporting leadership teams develop and align their structures, process, and people to meet their strategic aims. Peter has worked with clients in a range of sectors and circumstances from national organisations to local bodies and SME’s. Bringing together a blend of strategic thinking and practical hands-on support. Peter is a senior Transformation and OD professional with a strong emphasis on organisational design and change management. Peter started his career within HR working for Arthur Anderson, and Thomas Cook. ​


In 2016 Peter Rimmer set up Tusk Consulting with the aim of combining all his experience, skill and passion to create a consultancy that focused on the ‘design’ of organisations and the people tasked with driving them forward. Peter previously held the role of Head of Organisational Development at the national disability charity Scope supporting them on a full strategic review and has previously led on a number of organisation wide transformation projects. Since setting up Tusk Peter has supported a number of high-profile organisations including City of Doncaster Council, Cats Protection, The Chartered Institute of Building, The Fairtrade Foundation, Cambridge City Council and The States of Guernsey where he supported the Chief Executive in a full redesign of their Civil Service.




Industry Accreditation: new Partnership with OCN London - 14.12.23


Our founder, Dr Abisogun has also been fortunate to have secured the amazing support of the traiblazing OCN London whose CEO, Carlos CN, fully resonates with the modus-operandi and vision of the DTSA. Using their new micro-credentials offer, both CEO’s have committed to working together to ensure that any and everyone has an accessible, affordable, and credible learning opportunity, irrespective of where they made reside across the world.


You can observe the ‘full’ OCN London Press Release on their website here



Come and join us, as we put the ‘fun back into the construction learning process’; as we actively and unapologetically, commit to

“creating the talent pool that the industry doesn’t know it needs”


DTSA website credit:

Finally, a huge thanks to our website designer, Lewis Elliot [Lewis Elliot Design]; who has been an absolute treasure. Our founder & CEO met Lewis on Fiverr and we can vouch for the authenticity and professionalism found in our Supply Chain transaction.



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