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DTSA targets #EDI with Young People initiative at DT Hub

Updated: Feb 3

Following a series of constructive conversations with the leadership team at the DT Hub, a new initiative catering to the needs and interests of young people was quietly launched today [01.02.24]; as we recognise the beginning of Black History Month in North America & Canada. Further celebrations will follow later this year, but we had to take this 'unique and historic' opportunity, to 'mark the moment' which in and of itself remains a critical milestone for us at the Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC, aka the ‘DTSA’

Dr Bola Abisogun OBE our Founder & Chief Excitement Officer founder had this to say:


“At the DTSA, we maintain a real desire to ensure that we open up, promote, facilitate and deliver career opportunities through an ‘accessible and affordable’ pathway(s) for young people across [and beyond] London. We want anyone whose aim is to pursue the emerging ‘digital construction’ sector as their preferred profession to come to us, and both enjoy and experience our ‘culturally competent’, person-centric solutions.

I was born and raised in Hackney, East London at a time when that part of London was considered the most socially deprived ward in Europe. I have first-hand, lived experience of what it means to be excluded from the conversation and therefore any opportunity arising. The DT Hub leadership team have 'heard my cry' for a more inclusive approach to the future sustainability of the Hub itself, and the wider built environment sector.

The Youth Hub will afford the DTSA much needed visibility and a platform to further promote our EDI effort, delivered at a grassroot level, where the real ‘raw talent’ resides. I truly hope that the DT Hub Community and other project commissioners & Clients will be inspired by our vision and bring their DT projects [and funding] to the DTSA to help facilitate a ‘hands-on approach’ to learning, that we aim to deliver, both for the young & more mature apprentice.”

_ Dr Bola Abisogun OBE


Since the completion of his 32month sabbatical at the University of Cambridge / Centre for Digital Built Britain ‘CDBB’, Dr Bola Abisogun OBE, our Founder & Chief Excitement Officer, has been working tirelessly with the Executive Team at the new home of the Digital Twin Hub ‘DT Hub’, administered by Connected Places Catapult.

Credit: Dr Bola Abisogun OBE / Connected Places Catapult

Last year following the inaugural DT Hub Summit event (in June 2023), the DTSA which had just been incorporated (in April 2023) was both prominent and in attendance to support the significance of that amazing event following the five (5) year tenure of work, which officially completed in September 2022; delivered by the amazing team at CDBB, led by Alexandra Bolton, Executive Director of CDBB.



For many years, Dr Abisogun, led a dynamic construction business that through its charitable values, delivered repairs & maintenance works across London catering to the multi-faceted needs of the social housing sector customer base.  It is through that lens that his engagement with young people grew as did the idea behind the DTSA, which was born and further necessitated during the London riots in 2011.


Triggered by the unfortunate tragedy of Grenfell Tower in June 2017, our alignment to the much needed cultural and systemic change(s) required, all as part of the transitional arrangements to comply with the Building Safety Act, has presented many opportunities for the DTSA to interject and undertake the required outreach and engagement with large swathes of the pan-London community, who remain underserved and in many ways completely overlooked. In order to support greater adoption of digital twins, EVERY citizen - regardless of their socio-economic standing - must be able to participate and get involved!


Along with a key business partner – Primus Consulting Services CIC – Dr Abisogun has established a unique pan-London offer called the ‘DTSA Programme’ which is an attempt to both upskill and diversify the sector, specifically reaching out to the BAME community [targeting those studying STEM subjects] as well seeking to inform the same cohort of the vast array of career opportunities that continue to grow in the Digital Construction space.

Credit: Dr Bola Abisogun OBE

With a focus on Digital Engineering, the DTSA, using #EdTech and a blended solution, will support the career development of many across the capital [and beyond] in the form of apprenticeships and other more traditional ‘module-based’ learning options.



Credit: Digital Twin Hub

Credit: Digital Twin Hub

Credit: Digital Twin Hub

Credit: Digital Twin Hub

Our focus on social value creation, through our close working relationship with young people [aged between 16 and 25years] further inspired by the new legislative requirement for asset owners to comply with the ‘Building Safety Act’, provides the DTSA with a new 'generational' opportunity to educate, empower and inspire clients through our lived experience and emotive storytelling.



Following the announcement last year July, of our invitation to join the DT Hub ‘Building Skills and Capacity Working Group’ we have since embarked upon a journey of inclusive engagement, empowerment and wider industry engagement, across London and overseas.

We look forward to keeping you abreast of our progress and developments, as we prepare to support the annual DT Hub event later this year; #CDTS2024.



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