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DTSA secure global partnership with BIM Academy

"Construction requires a new mindset and a digitally infused business-model!"

Much has been written about the current 'pain points' across the global construction sector, now commonly referred to as a 'system of systems'. Everything from geo-political 'supply chain' risk to individual site based security provision to prevent or mitigate the risks of theft, now requires digitally enabled, 'data-driven' solutions. The 'digital twin' presents a new and growing opportunity to not only stem typical commercial losses, but also facilitate a focussed lens capable of shining a light on 'new' business models that are required to improve productivity, reduce waste and positively influence much needed cultural & behavioural improvements.

However, in order to fully leverage the plethora of emerging opportunity, via the deployment of such cutting edge technology, which will extend to the introduction and deployment of disruptive and agile ways of working, the concept of 'upskilling and re-skilling' has now become a mission critical, person-centric, career long requirement.

Credit: Dr Graham Kelly, MD - BIM Academy and Dr Bola Abisogun OBE, Founder & CEO, Digital Twin Skills Academy 'DTSA'

Earlier today [17th January 2024] in the London Office of Ryder Architecture, the DTSA and BIM Academy, struck an innovative, global partnership that, at its core, will aim to evidence improved 'socio-economic' wellbeing and create sustainable 'social value' outcomes, for clients seeking digital solutions on their construction / asset management projects.

Dr Bola Abisogun OBE had this to say:

"It hasn't been easy trying to convince much of the establishment, and even my own industry peer group, on my direction of travel in this key areas of professional development. The exponential rate digitisation that we are witnessing, which remains a product of the post-pandemic 'new normal' has evaded many and as a consequence many construction suppliers are failing. The effects for this type of commercial failure will always rest with the project commissioner [the Client] and it is time for the Client to become more intelligent! Much of the industry's future [untapped] success and productivity improvements will need to be client-led, and I am calling this the era of the 'intelligent client'. However, the industry needs a new delivery model, that embraces new educational provision & other key learning resources. To that end, I am excited about the scope for BIM Academy to not only support our effort but lead on areas that they have led on since their formation back in 2011, as a joint venture between Ryder Architecture and Northumbria University. Today, BIM Academy has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Ryder Architecture and is about to begin a new chapter as a leading 'global' advisor on scalable, carbon neutral, digital engineering solutions. I am grateful to Dr Graham Kelly for his patience and continued willingness to both discuss, explore and navigate, through a 'disruptive digital' lens, some very challenging waters, both in the UK and overseas. These are clearly exciting times ahead and God willing, we will maintain a laser vision focus on EVERYONE's needs, with a bias towards young people and the next generation talent pool!"

The first of its kind to launch in the UK construction industry, the partnership will seek to deliver on the above using an array of co-curated, digitally enabled, blended learning solutions. In an increasingly fast paced knowledge driven economy, it is not only important to stay ahead of the curve, where possible, it is vitally important that your access to 'learning material' is kept 'fresh and upto-date'.

Dr Graham Kelly, shared his own sentiment and perspective:

"BIM Academy is excited to collaborate with the Digital Twin Skills Academy 'DTSA' focussing on developing and delivering innovative projects. These projects are designed to benefit clients by meeting their specific needs. More importantly, they also aim to bring significant advantages to local communities. This is achieved by leveraging shoal value targets, which serve as an effective mechanism for distributing benefits more widely. By doing so, the collaboration ensures that the value generated, extends beyond just the immediate client(s), reaching into the broader, local community. This approach reflects a commitment to creating inclusive growth and shared prosperity, making sure that the advancements in digital twin technology have a positive impact on society as a whole."

Led by Andrew Johnson, Associate [Learning & Development] at BIM Academy, the aim is to support all disciplines in the built environment through the effective application of Building Information Modelling (BIM), digital solutions and collaborative working practices.

BIM Academy are also a Sponsor partner of the amazing, award winning industry initiative called PlanBee; the brainchild of Ryder Architecture, Managing Partner - Mark Thompson. PlanBEE is a unique career opportunity, designed to attract talented bright young people with an interest in design, construction and management. It also seeks to inspire and empower those from undeserved and underprivileged communities; and is administered by Gateshead College with three regional locations; Newcastle, Manchester and now London.

A recent Employers Breakfast Event took place in London last month [December 2023] .....

The Plan BEE initiative is well regarded by industry and has an impressive array of sponsors ......

Supported by Dr Isabel Williams Senior Learning & Development Lead at Ryder Architecture, the PlanBEE Programme Director, Steven Logan is passionate about the initiative and frequently delivers updates and client / sponsor facing discussions across the country....

PlanBee is currently spearheaded by Peter Barker, Partner, Ryder Architecture ......... who although based in Newcastle travels the breadth and depth of the country engaging with supporters, including the DTSA. who will be contributing towards their Virtual Project in the Summer.

The London Office of Ryder was also blessed with the presence of Mark Thompson, who updated the entire business with a review of the 2023 submission by Ryder and on next steps for the company's future aspirations regarding Best Companies .........

It was an open and honest with lots of great take-aways and intentional commitments.

More detailed updates to follow .... watch this space!

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