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DTSA secure ‘OCN London Endorsed’ for Digital Construction

Est modus in rebus [there is measure in all things]

_ RICS, 1868

It’s been a truly amazing (and equally humbling) first year of ‘grass-roots’ activity, following our incorporation by the CIC Regulator on 3rd April 2023. Prior to the formal implementation of the Building Safety Act (#BSA2022), which took place earlier this year on 6th April 2024 after a 6month period of transition we set ourselves the challenge of helping the UK construction industry, to better prepare and help asset owners, deliver the Golden Thread of Information Management. We are also creating an opportunity for Young People to access the sector.




This key, legal requirement, of the #BSA2022 is still largely misunderstood by a significant number of industry stakeholders and participants, including product manufacturers and specifiers, which does not bode well for the sectors future ability to comply with the new landscape of compliance. The emerging career opportunities, have perhaps, also gone unnoticed and it is our desire to shine a light and allow interested parties to ‘enquire and navigate’ this new landscape. At our core, and alongside our growing community of commercial partners, we intend to ‘educate, empower and inspire’ those choosing to learn and grow with us, by creating agile #EdTech, scalable and immersive digital solutions.




With a focus on 5DBIM and several use-cases for ‘digital twin’ solutions, we are keen to open and offer up this emerging discipline to both the current and next-generation of talent as we seek to upskill the UK construction workforce. We are also developing an ‘international offer’ as we have also recognised that this skillset remains completely transferable and exportable, with immediate applicability, potentially, on every project across the globe.



Part of our why, as coined by our Founder and CEO, is to ‘democratise our subject matter expertise’ and make learning more affordable and accessible to all; using well documented widening participation strategies. That for many, a place at university has either become an absolute impossibility or perhaps not even an option at all; does that mean that ‘advanced / higher’ levels of academic attainment, should now be dispensed with and forgotten about?


At the DTSA we believe that #digitalconstruction education should be ‘accessible, affordable and available’, to all irrespective of your socio-economic. We are also challenging the attainment [awarding] gap and using an #EdTechplatform to introduce and empower individuals in a non-traditional way. We want to put the fun-factor back into the construction curriculum in our own unique way.


Through the well documented efforts of Dr Bola Abisogun OBE, our Founder & CEO

(our Chief Excitement Officer!), we maintain a special relationship with the Higher Education and University sector, many of which have been longstanding relationships. Whether it’s Nottingham Trent University, the University of Wolverhampton, the University of the West of England, UCEM (Reading) or London South Bank University, we support the growing push for ‘widening participation’ and specifically focus on CIOB and RICS accredited courses.



At the DTSA, we are completely aligned to OCN’s objectives and core activities:


OCNLR (Open College Network London Region) exists to support learning and widen participation through achievement of credit-based qualifications, regulated and unregulated. OCNLR aims are the advancement of the education of the public in one or more of the following ways:


  • By promoting and increasing participation in education and training, particularly by those persons who have benefited least from existing provision.

  • By being an open and inclusive organisation, where diversity is promoted, and discrimination eliminated. Our commitment is to continue to ensure that our services meet the needs of all our diverse customers. It ensures that equality, diversity, and human rights are integrated into the way we plan, develop, and deliver our services, covering our internal functions as an employer and our external operations as a provider of qualifications and accreditation services.

  • By improving the quality and flexibility of education provision for the public benefit, primarily for educationally disadvantaged persons.

  • By facilitating progression for learners by enabling them to achieve Open College Network (OCN) credits and to accumulate and, where appropriate, to transfer these towards a qualification.

  • By improving access to higher education by carrying on and conducting the work of the accreditation system in London and elsewhere and conducting the work of Open College Network London Region as an AVA under license from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

  • By improving recognition of education qualifications by issuing nationally recognised Access to HE Diplomas and credits for learner achievement to be awarded independently of the providing organisations.




London South Bank University ‘LSBU’ & OCN LONDON

Since 2015, the Partnership Agreement between OCN London and LSBU has benefited Access to HE students of colleges registered with OCN London


If you're a student with an Access to Higher Education Diploma (Access to HE) from an OCN London registered college and you apply to LSBU, you're guaranteed a conditional offer at lower admissions requirements than the University's standard offer, across courses in all of our schools, except Health.

For example, a standard LSBU offer to study on the LLB is 15 Distinctions and 30 Merits. Students from OCN London registered colleges would be made an offer of 9 Distinctions and 27 Merits.


Other benefits

  • Extended Project 2-day support programme: The Extended Project is a 6-credit unit on many OCN London Access to HE Diploma courses. LSBU's Support Programme for this unit is delivered by our academic and library staff. Participants will learn how to identify issues and research questions, plan their work and write a coherent extended essay that is appropriately referenced.

  • Taster Days in various subject areas.

  • Access to the LSBU Scheme, allowing students access to our library and other facilities.



To receive the benefits, Access to HE students must:

  1. Choose LSBU as one of their five university choices.

  2. Insert the code ‘OCN-LSBU’ in the further details box on the UCAS application form.


Access to HE

The Access to HE Diploma is a qualification which prepares learners without traditional qualifications for study at university.

LSBU has a Partnership Agreement with OCN London. Its objectives are:

  • To raise confidence and aspirations of Access learners.

  • To increase and widen participation in higher education.

  • To provide clear higher education progression routes.

  • To help prepare Access learners for higher education.

Hear what Access to HE students, college tutors and university admissions directors have to say about the positive impact of the Access to HE Diploma on students' lives.





Our Outreach and Widening Participation Team are with you all the way



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